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Nathan Smart Fitness


Working with Nathan I have had better results in 6 weeks than I had in the 6 months prior without his expert knowledge of nutrition and training along with the constant support and motivation.

Jordan Hayes

Nathan has changed my life! Simple as that.

It’s not just his knowledge, it’s the way in which he applies it in a personal way. He knows what works for me and I trust him 100%.

He is there 24/7 for me, and over the last 12 weeks the changes in my body and mind have been amazing! Far greater than I ever expected.

He leads by example, inspiring and motivating me by his own progress, results and lifestyle.
He is the first and only coach I will ever have.

Great coach and now great friend.

Lee Archer

Me and Nathan used to work together, everyday he would tell me about this dream he had, living his life out of a tupperware. To think just two years ago I was working with this guy and to now have the privilege to see what he has become. It just shows that anybody is capable of achieving a dream if you’re willing to put in that 110%, which Nathan has clearly shown.

He is a very good friend of mine and always will be. I am now one of his clients and couldn’t be happier with the way I’m being treated and the results I’m getting in this such short period.

If you are looking for someone that won’t just be a coach but a friend also then I would recommend Nathan everyday of the week, he doesn’t just ask about your diet & training like any other coach would be but also likes to check in with your life in general to see how you are. So for me, I will always be sticking with Nathan as he his the best coach I’ve had and ever will have. Also his knowledge of the industry is ridiculous, any questions you should have and I can guarantee he will have the answer.

Harry Brown

After falling into a very bad place with my eating habits i thought it was time for a change. I heard that Nathan put together diet programs and after seeing how much he takes care of himself, competing for shows, I sought his advice. 6 weeks later and 25lbs dropped I couldn’t be happier! I have more energy, motivation and confidence than ever before and best of all,there is no sign of stopping. Definitely recommend!

Luke Nutland